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Why Do Teams Fail?

In any organization, there are 3 main reasons why teams fail...

Lack of Trust

Lack of Communication

Lack of Skill

Which Impacts Your Success?

Why am I an Expert on your Teams?

Who is Scott Hopkins?

I'm a veteran owned company with a passion to help small businesses realize the potential in developing and investing in human capital by creating a culture of growth, trust and strong team dynamics.

As a follower, a leader, a trainer, an aviator, an officer and a teacher; 24 years of serving in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force, working with the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, 25 NATO Nations and the Air Forces of the Gulf Region, have given me a unique perspective on organizational development and team dynamics.  

Manage a team of 21 individual professionals in a combat environment at 30,000 feet for ten hours after 2 days of planning and I can tell you I understand developing team dynamics, communication, and trust.  Of my 3200 flight hours, over 2700 are combat flight hours in 3 different conflicts.  I also have more than 800 hours teaching individuals, small classes and large seminars in various environments all across the spectrum.  

I am an expert in organizational development having rebuilt or created from the ground up 5 different divisions leading each team to measurable, success.  I'm also a lifetime student who is constantly working on my own personal development from sources such as John Maxwell, Christian Simpson, Dale Carnegie and many others.

Why does this matter?

I'm a consummate professional, a leadership coach, a trainer and an instructional designer.  My military experience gives me the ability to bring discipline and high standards to your business culture, while my personal approach to truly assessing your needs and developing a full spectrum training program for continued growth is my primary goal.

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